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ETS2 Rotas Brasil

Bulk Carrier Randon

Bulk Carrier Randon

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Trailer, Bulk carrier Randon!

Our product line is spectacular for our experience in producing high-end mod's. Our beautiful Randon Bulk Carrier Trailer, modeled with great affection and attention to detail. The area of rural work experience aims to serve professionals who perform their functions in external environments, such as harvesting teams, planting and application of agricultural pesticides, for example. Only Rotas Brasil provides the best for your cargo, remember safety, stability, endurance and, mainly, quality! This beautiful Mod includes:

- Amazing details in modeling
- Variety of models and canvases
- Chassis colors: Customized
- Transports: Various types of freight
- Logistics only for the Map Routes Brazil


  • Expressly prohibited its resale or distribution. Subject to penalties under Law 9,610 of February 19, 1998.
  • 7 days to request a refund on this product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Muito top.

É um projeto bem trabalhado e com muitos detalhes simulando ao real, muito top!
Porém achei q teria a opção de colocar lona na graneleira assim como vi na imagem no site, fora isso 100%.

Enzo Henrique

Mod perfeito

Radetzky Pierre louis

Graneleira Randon

José Junior

Graneleira Randon

Não acho carga.

Infelizmente meu pc nao suporta o mapa, comprei o reboque pra usar em um mapa mais leve, porém não encontro cargas.