Instructions: How to install and update Rotas Brasil?
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Follow the steps and enjoy Rotas Brasil without problems. Even so, if you have difficulties, contact us through our communication channels and we will respond as soon as possible. Don't forget to always include the game.log file in your support call, with it we will identify your problem faster. You can find this file in “My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/” and your registration email.

Accessing the site and purchasing

Access our website, www.ets2rotasbrasil.com.br and make your entry. If you do not have access, register on the site. Once registered, log in to your account, go to the Store and complete the purchase steps for Rota Rodovia Washington Luís, or another Mod that interests you.

Downloading the Archives of Rotas Brasil, Rod Washington Luís Map

Today, Rotas Brasil is made up of 6 parts of .scs files. Download these files and then move them to your game's MOD folder. Then, opening the game, go to Mod Manager and apply them as Priority among the other Mods you use.

Brazil Routes + Original map DLCs

To use Rotas Brasil it is necessary to have the Map DLCs. Scandinavia, Going East, Italy, France, Baltic, Black Sea and Iberia. If you don't have it, we've made our Pack of DLCs available for download. They are the Complements of these DLCs and are important for the functioning of the Mod Rota Rodovia Washington Luís on your computer. After downloading your required Add-ons, activate them in your game's MOD folder.

Additional Mods

To better use Rotas Brasil, Rota Rodovia Washington Luís map, you can download some Mods that are free for download on the site.
Mod Telemetria - Leaves the scale as in the original game, passing the game time faster.
Mod Passengers - Those who enjoy using buses and our Bus Stations need to use this mod.

Brazil Routes + Special Gifts

Acquiring the Mod Rod. Washington Luis you get several amazing giveaways.
Mod Volvo FH with exclusive paint jobs.
Mod Iveco Trakker for heavy loads and dirt roads.
Mod MB L1111 Mercedes truck design concept.
Mod Scania G and R exclusively in accessories.
Noma Tank Mod.
Randon Tipper Mode.
Boiadeira Mod.

Links you need to review periodically

The work at Rotas Brasil is always in constant updates and you, now as a supporter, need to keep up. We have pages on our website:

UPDATES - Here you will find all our updates, dates, and what has been updated at the moment.

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    On our channel you will find our news presentation videos and a more complete Tutorial if you still have questions.

Watch the video above very carefully and do not have any problems using the Rotas Brasil Mods.