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ETS2 Rotas Brasil

Scania 113H

Scania 113H

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Scania 113, a classic future!

Scania 113H brings together the latest in safety, technology and comfort, as well as the brand's legendary build quality. Built to thrive in the most robust environments, our Scania 113H, both new model and aged model, will easily face any challenge you encounter. Drive this legend that includes chassis variants, engines from weak to powerful and even the transmission option. Cabin with a considerable variety of customization options and its amazing snoring detailed in the engine.

If on the one hand in Brazil the model is an icon, in Europe it is considered the best truck in the world. You may also have the feeling of directing this brute of the history of Brazil and the World. We at Rotas Brasil elaborate with the greatest realism this beautiful and iconic truck, so that you have the best feeling when connecting and feeling your unique performance.


  • Expressly prohibited its resale or distribution. Subject to penalties under Law 9,610 of February 19, 1998.
  • 7 days to request a refund on this product.

Customer Reviews

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nicolas Do nascimento

Por ser de ROTAS BRASIL esperaba mas, no tiene comparacion con respecto al volvo edc
muy basico pocos opcionales algunos bugs colores horribles
no me gusto esperaba mucho mas

Mod não compatível com o mapa

O caminhão em si é bem modelado, mas ele não sobe algumas partes do mapa dependendo do peso da carga. Mesmo sem ser carga pesada, ele simplesmente não sobe.

Marcos Ahnert

Scania 113H

Alessandro Augusto Caixeta

Scania 113H

Douglas Taveira

Scania 113H