Trechos São José dos Campos

Stretch of São José dos Campos

We are almost at the end of another big city in Rotas Brasil, our efforts produce realistic images of our interior in São Paulo. You have to be watching to see the details, which ends up creating an unforgettable simulation experience. These details are the beautiful landscapes of yet another expansion of Rotas Brasil.

Our work is always focused on quality and realism. You will soon have another incredible expansion of our map and pay attention to some details: After this expansion update, we will have another update with the Municipality of Caçapava including an amazing rural scenery with many new features and challenges. And finally, to close the year 2021, we will have the expansion of one more big city. Taubate. Not to mention another beautiful Mercedes Benz 1620 truck and a Special New Year's Gift directly in your account on the Rotas Brasil website.

While waiting, see some photos of this beautiful city that is arriving at Rotas Brasil.

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