Os Clássicos no Rotas Brasil

The Classics in Brazil Routes

The Mercedes-Benz Giant

You may have heard of the classic truck with semi-advanced cab Mercedes-Benz L-1111, right? Produced in the 1960s and 1970s, it was the best-selling model in Brazil of all time.

This success story began at the 1964 Motor Show when the L-1111 was released. An innovative truck that fit perfectly with the needs of the drivers of the time. Comfort and durability were the main attributes that made the model fall in the graces of Brazilians and on the country's roads.

Its suspension, composed of springs and telescopic shock absorbers, offered unprecedented comfort until then, pleasing the vast majority of drivers who had the opportunity to guide the brute. The cabin also had its charm and elements that caught the eye such as: adjustable seat in three positions, windshield in a single piece, large rear view mirrors and complete insulation between the cab and the engine.

Shortly thereafter, in 1970, Mercedes-Benz launched the successor to the "Eleven-Eleven", the L-1113. Despite having the same cab as the previous model, there were improvements in its engine, which became more modern and increased traction capacity, also expanding the possibilities and implementation.


111S, the Alligator of Scania

In 1976, a new line of Scania trucks arrived in Brazil, The Series 1. Then came a truck that became a hit by these bands: the L 111, which arrived in three versions: L, LS and LT. Like its predecessors, L 75, L 76 and L 110, the 1-series models were dubbed "Alligator", all with front engine.

Strong orange, and robust, the model drew attention to where he was. In January 1979 his nomenclature changed because of the legislation, and came to be called L 111S, to identify the turbine engine that initially had power of 264 hp. In 1981, the Swedish manufacturer stopped manufacturing the L 111S, which at that time already had an engine with 305 hp of power. It was this year that began the manufacture of the Series 2, with a boring face. Anyway, even today, it is possible to find many L 111 in excellent condition.

After almost 40 years since the manufacture of the first L 111, the model is still admired by many truck lovers. Plus, it's very easy to find him on the streets. Today only 1% of Scania's worldwide sales are in orange.

Scania 113, a classic future!

In Scania's 60 years in Brazil, she announced a special series that would make a simple and iconic tribute to 113, the best-selling model in Brazil and one of the most valued trucks in the history of the automaker in Brazil.

In mid-1991 to replace the 112hw, which at the time were already much higher compared to the competition. The models from 1991 to 1993 did not differ much in the aesthetic part of their predecessors, only with different colors and decorative bands, and already at that time already attracted looks and were sales leaders in their category. But it was in 1994 that the reign of 113 was established and made him dream of consumption / work tool of several truckers and fleet owners of Brazil, with the launch of the cabin Top Line, and together with it the coming of the concept of surround panel for Brazil, which is said in passing, remains current to this day. The 113 was at least 7 years ahead of its competitors of the time caused the 113 to dominate the road until the end of its manufacture in 1998 with the launch of the series 4.

If on the one hand in Brazil the model is an icon, in Europe it is considered the best truck in the world. This happened in 2015, when ComMercial Motor (the largest and most respected transport magazine in the world) made a top 100 of the best trucks of all time, in which the Scania 113 came first. In fact, Scania won 4 places in the top 100.

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