Topografia. O que é?

Topography. What is it?

Topography is a science that studies all the characteristics present on the surface of a territory, such as relief and other factors specific to a given region. The topography was born aligned with cartography (study of maps), with the need that people had to specify the conditions and structure of the paths described in the geographical charts of the time. However, specific studies on topography began to grow only in the seventeenth century, etymologically, the word "topography" originated from the Greek topographía, and topos means "region" or "place", and graphen means "description". Thus, topography is the "description of a region", in literal translation.

Topography is concerned with analyzing only small or medium geographical regions (approximately 80 km of surface), and large-scale studies (such as entire planets, for example) are named geodesy. Topographic studies are very important for the elaboration of engineering-related projects. Natural and artificial geographical accidents, the particularities and shapes of the terrain are observed in detail, with the intuition of determining whether they have safe conditions for future infrastructure.

Structuring ourselves based on these studies, we use Topography to create our regions before editing, thus leaving Rotas Brasil as any scenario and horizon much more Brazil. Also focused on the base structure, we will have all asphalt mesh renewed from the city of Araraquara / SP, with new and unique prefabs, rural structures such as so-called "mata-burros" among others. Our team works to deliver to everyone who invests in this project, to be the best Brazilian road Mod ever seen in the game Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Stay connected with us and enjoy the journey :)

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