Melhore seu Desempenho no Rotas Brasil

Improve Your Performance on Routes Brazil

Hello Truckers and Busologists :) Below is a short Tutorial for you to considerably improve the performance of your game in Rotas Brasil. After all, we produce this wonderful map for All to enjoy driving and simulating on a truly Brazilian map. As we always say, we will never download our graphic quality and details in scenarios that make Rotas Brasil a unique map, but with some small adjustments we will gain performance. Also remembering the correct use of the Mod folder, keeping in this folder only the Mod you are using in the game and adjusting the appropriate graphics settings to your computer.

Below is this little adjustment you can make and improve the performance of your game.

These are the boot parameters on Steam for ETS 2 and optimize the overall performance of your game. To edit the boot parameters, navigate with your mouse to ETS 2 in Steam Game Libary → right-click on the game title → go to "Properties" → in the open window, you should notice a button called "Set startup options ..." → click it and a smaller window appears...

Here you add the following parameters, depending on the amount of Ram Memory your computer has.

For 16+GB RAM
-unlimitedlog -mm_max_resource_size 90 -mm_max_tmp_buffers_size 1000 -mm_pool_size 7168

For 12+GB RAM
-unlimitedlog -mm_max_resource_size 90 -mm_max_tmp_buffers_size 1000 -mm_pool_size 5800

For 8+GB RAM
-unlimitedlog -mm_max_resource_size 90 -mm_max_tmp_buffers_size 1000 -mm_pool_size 3500

For 4+GB RAM
-unlimitedlog -mm_max_resource_size 90 -mm_max_tmp_buffers_size 1000 -mm_pool_size 2048

Note:   Copy the full line for your amount of Ram Memory, and paste in the Startup options.

Ready! Your game will run much better with considerable performance gains.
Obviously this does not work miracles, adjust the graphics settings of your game as per your computer support.

We hope that this small adjustment solves and minimizes a little if there is "lag" still playing the Routes Brazil. The game is improving, it's up to us who like to play, also improve our computers.

See you next :)

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